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At Yalla Sports, it’s not just about scores and stats, but the pulse of local community sports. Every catch, goal, run, and hit determines the heartbeat of the UAE. We weave tales of triumph, endurance, and passion echoing from playgrounds to stadiums.

Celebrating every sport, every athlete, every fan. Their inspirations, their tears, their joys. We’re the go-to hub where local and expat devotees unite, fostering a community spirit beyond borders. Come experience sports through a fresher, deeper lens.

Yalla Sports – where local sports live and breathe. Witness the magic, join the movement, be the moment.

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The man behind Yalla Sports and his passion for growing sports in the UAE

Yalla Sports first started out as a hobby for Alex Johnson, our Founder. He was searching for a solution to help him find a local rugby club to join in the United Arab Emirates, when first setting foot in the country back in 2013, but there was no quick way of finding rugby club information and all of the results and stats in one place.

There were other websites out there but they just didn’t meet the mark. This is when he decided to create his own website for the masses of rugby fans in the region, looking for their weekly rugby fix, just like him.

And so, in August of 2015, Yalla was born, but after years of focussing on only uae rugby, Alex decided to use his marketing prowess and branch out into other sports that you see here today.