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Nick Young Memorial Rugby Match 2022

Published On: 5 Mar 22By 2.3 min read
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Visit for up to date scores and league table standings

RAK Rugby and Dubai Sharks match up in memory of a departed colleague and friend Nick Young

RAK Rugby played out their annual memorial match for the late Nick Young, today against the Dubai Sharks RFC. During a very entertaining match, RAK notched up a 10 try run as they comfortably beat a 2nd string Sharks side, 66 points to 17.

Nick was a gentle giant of man who, in April 2018, lost his life playing the game he loved, leaving a wife and children without a husband and loving father.

This is the third year the event has been held and because of the unprecedented support the club has received from the whole of the UAE Rugby Community, RAK Rugby has decided to broaden the event and make it a fun family day with an invitation to all.

Nick Young Memorial Rugby Fixture 2022

The match will kick-off at 5.00pm and the UAE Rugby Federation (UAERF) has sanctioned a full squad for each team to allow as many of Nick’s friends and colleagues as possible to participate. Speaking on behalf of the UAERF, Hazem Hassan said,

“We work tirelessly to ensure the whole rugby community plays within strict player safety and Covid guidelines. We fully endorse and support this exceptional event as it reflects the uniquely close fraternity and camaraderie that we have nurtured across the entire rugby community here in the UAE and we wish all participating, a fun day – as Nick would have wished”.

Eddie Presch, Chairman of RAK Rugby, commented “This is the most important event in our calendar. Being the last match of our season everybody in the club wants to pay tribute to a departed friend and colleague and to let Nick’s family know that not only do we miss him greatly but also, they have the whole of the UAE Rugby Community’s heartfelt support. Knowing Nick, we felt it fitting not to mourn his loss but celebrate the short time we had together and have organised a fun packed afternoon he would have enjoyed with competitive activities for kids and adults alike”.

Dale Welch said, “For those of us who were on the pitch that fateful day, it’s a chance to honour his family, to commemorate Nick’s life and his love for the game. For the rest of the team, it’s an opportunity to honour the game of rugby; to celebrate our time on the pitch together and the health we have that allows us to do so. The game will survive us all, and we would like to imagine that nothing would please Nick more than to hear of this tradition in celebrating his life and the game that has brought us together.”

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