Scott Hutton open letter to UAE Rugby

Code of Conduct Alert: World Rugby’s Open Letter to UAE Rugby Community

Published On: 19 Jan 24By 1.8 min read
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World Rugby Judicial Officer Scott Hutton’s Open Letter to UAE Rugby Community

In a notable development for the UAE rugby community, Scott Hutton, World Rugby’s appointed Judicial Officer, has issued an open letter addressing the rising concerns of misconduct complaints in the United Arab Emirates. The letter, directed to the Rugby Club Consortium (RCC) and intended for widespread distribution among clubs, delves into the imperative need to reinforce adherence to the Code of Conduct.

Hutton expresses disappointment in having already handled two misconduct complaints this season, both related to the mistreatment of match officials in the UAE. The open letter serves as a poignant reminder of the obligations outlined in the Code of Conduct, emphasizing the need for all participants to familiarize themselves with these regulations.

Highlighting a nuanced understanding of the rules, Hutton addresses a common misunderstanding surrounding dissent towards referees. He points to specific clauses in the UAERF Code of Conduct, making it unequivocally clear that showing obvious dissent or displeasure towards a match official constitutes a breach of the code.

The letter also stresses the importance of stakeholders setting exemplary standards in line with rugby values. Acknowledging the limited playing season in the UAE, Hutton suggests that self-awareness and self-analysis can significantly influence the severity of sanctions. Participants who recognize and apologize for their transgressions are likely to receive more lenient sanctions than those who remain resistant.

In a call to action, Hutton urges all rugby clubs in the UAE to champion high standards of conduct among participants. The letter underscores the significance of promoting rugby values, protecting the integrity of the game, and setting a positive example for the youth players who look up to their more experienced counterparts.

Explore the full details of Scott Hutton’s impactful open letter and gain a deeper understanding of the guidelines and regulations discussed. View the image below of the complete letter. As we aim for excellence and embrace the core values of our sport, this letter acts as a vital resource to promote a culture of respect, integrity, and discipline within the UAE rugby community.

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